Private Dance- Child

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Private Dance- Child

from 90.00

Private dance lessons take place at 316 F Street, NE on Capitol Hill.   

One-on-one work is a great way to:

  • learn the basics with a solid foundation before you jump into a beginning class.

  • develop your personal sean-nós or battering style

  • strengthen your musicality

  • deepen your ties with tradition

  • spend some time dancing one-on-one with Shannon


Your lesson time is a slot that belongs to you.  Shannon has dedicated that time to you. If you would like to reschedule a missed lesson, it is important that Shannon is able to use your slot for another student, or other work.   


*If you are able to give more than 24 hours notice, you have 2 options: 

1) reschedule

2) video lesson     (Shannon will make the video during your regular lesson time, and upload it that day.)   

*If you are not able to give 24 hours notice, or are a no-show, Shannon will make a video lesson for you during your lesson time and send it to you. 


*Lessons must be scheduled within 2 weeks of the missed lesson. 

*Students are expected to send Shannon 3 days/times/slots they are available for a makeup, with specificity.   (i.e. "Tuesday all afternoon, Wednesday 1-3, Thursday 9-10 pm)

*If Shannon can make one of those slots work, she will.  If not, she will suggest alternative times. 


Depending on the situation, if you have missed more than 4 lessons in a quarter, Shannon may ask that you try to find a lesson time that you can make with more consistency. This is decided on a case by case basis, and is dependent on things such as student's ability to focus and progress in the lessons, and week to week. 

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