Private Concertina

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Concertina Headshot copy.jpg

Private Concertina

from 90.00

Lessons take place at 316 F Street on Capitol Hill.

Lessons are 45 minutes in length.  

Private concertina lessons are a great way to work on: 

  • Solidify good fingering habits

  • Strengthen rhythm/bellows control

  • Developing a session-friendly, traditional repertoire

  • Create a home practice to ensure progress

Once lessons are purchased, you will receive an email to schedule your lessons.  

Should no common time be possible, your tuition is refunded.   Once lessons are scheduled, there are no refunds.  



Your lesson time is a weekly slot that belongs to you.  Shannon has dedicated that time to you. If you would like to reschedule a missed lesson, it is important that Shannon is able to use your slot for another student, or other work.   



*If you are able to give more than 24 hours notice, you have 2 options: 

1) reschedule

2) video lesson     (Shannon will make the video during your regular lesson time, and upload it that day.)   

*If you are not able to give 24 hours notice, or are a no-show, Shannon will make a video lesson for you during your lesson time and send it to you. 



*Lessons must be scheduled within 2 weeks of the missed lesson. 

*Students are expected to send Shannon 3 days/times/slots they are available for a makeup, with specificity.   (i.e. "Tuesday all afternoon, Wednesday 1-3, Thursday 9-10 pm)

*If Shannon can make one of those slots work, she will.  If not, she will suggest alternative times. 


Depending on the situation, if you have missed more than 4 lessons in a quarter, Shannon may ask that you try to find a lesson time that you can make with more consistency. This is decided on a case by case basis, and is dependent on things such as student's ability to focus and progress in the lessons, and week to week. 


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