#TUNE OF THE WEEK: The Boys of Blue Hill meet Chuck Brown!

During the creation of Washington Sound Museum: Hip Hop Meets the Music of Ireland, Christylez Bacon noticed that Shannon's old style hornpipe steps fit right in the "Go-Go pocket".

Go-go is a subgenre of funk music developed in and around the Washington metropolitan area in the mid-70s. Brown is called the "Godfather of Go-Go" and was considered a local legend in Washington, D.C. Darryl Brooks, a local promoter who worked with Chuck Brown during his career, stated, "He was a symbol of D.C. manhood, back in the day, because of the authority that he spoke with. He just spoke from a perspective that black men could understand." Andre Johnson, the leader of the go-go band Rare Essence, said that Chuck Brown "influenced generations of people—not just one—a few generations of musicians around here." Washington, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray said Brown was "Go-go's creator and, arguably, its most legendary artist."

Today's challenge is to take your hornpipe steps and dance them first to the Boys of Blue Hill, and then to Chuck Brown, and see what feels the same and what new inspirations strike! 


If you don't remember the Boys of Blue Hill, this is a GREAT video for both dancing and learning some nuances in the melody:

Then take those same steps and dance them to Chuck Brown: 

In the wake of recent events, SDD would like to remind our dancers, families, and supporters that it was not that long ago that the Irish in America were subject to racism, oppression, bigotry, persecution, discrimination, and hatred. There are countless articles online (like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Irish_sentiment). To show our solidarity with #blacklivesmatter, we will be featuring black dancers, artists and musicians who have been inspirational to the Irish percussive dance community.