2nd semester:

January 8-June 6

SDD follows DCPS closings, holidays and breaks.  Visit our STUDIO CALENDAR for more info!


Monday (Capitol Hill)

  • 4-5pm     2nd-5th Grade Sean-nos Dancing
  • 5-6pm     2nd-5th Grade Performance Class
  • 7-8 pm    Adult Sean-nos Dancing


Tuesday  (Capitol Hill)

  • 4-5pm       PK-1st Grade Sean-nos Dancing
  • 5-6 pm      6th-12th Sean-nos Dancing
  • 6-7 pm      6th-12th Performance Group
  • 7-8pm       6th-12th  Accordion *Younger students allowed with permission*
  • 8-9 pm      Adults Beginning Accordion


Wednesday (Capitol Hill)

  • 4-5 pm     4th + up Fiddle 
  • 5-6 pm     2nd + up (or with permission) Bodhran

Wednesday (Takoma Park)

  • 4:30-5:30pm      2nd-5th Grade  Sean-nos Dancing  *Younger students allowed with permission*
  • 5:30-6:30pm      2nd-5th Grade Performance Class


Thursday (Capitol Hill)

  • 4-5pm        K-5th Grade Music/Art Open Studio
  • 5-6 pm       K-5th Grade Set Dancing
  • 6-7 pm       2nd - 5th Grade  Tin Whistle
  • 7-8  pm      6th-12th Grade Set Dancing
  • 8-9 pm       Adults Set Dancing