If your child wishes to do the apprentice program, please have them submit :

  • Name
  • Age
  • Class they would like to work with as an apprentice
  • 3 reasons they would like to be a part of this program


Apprentices attend a class that is (at minimum) a level BELOW* their own, and do the following: 

  • Act as a "Model student" - participating in that class as an example of behavior and following directions
  • Assist Shannon, as a runner, scribing, documenting, take attendance, etc. 
  • Musician-  students that have tunes may be asked to play for the dancers
  • Encourage- give positive feedback to younger students 

NOTE: Apprentices are NOT in charge of discipline, or critique. 

*12+ may opt to apprentice in the adult class. 



  • Must have been in the performance group for min 2 years to date. 
  • Must work with a differently aged group.
  • Must attend class.  (allowed 2 absences per session) 



  • Once a month get together at Shannon's house to choreograph, hang, and do other fun things!
  • Dance as the SDD represntation at Bog Band performances
  • Outside dance opportunities with Shannon at her own performances