Apprentices are:

  • performance group students who have shown leadership skills in class and performance

  • students who have shown a mastery of level appropriate material

  • students who show respect for classroom rules/attitudes

  • students who take ownership of their dancing (practice at home, work on their personal style, welcome dancing opportunities in performance and class)

  • students who reach naturally reach out younger children or children who are feeling behind or shy

  • students who are attentive in class (ask clarifying questions, understand class protocols, etc)

  • the oldest OR most experienced in the assigned class or have aged out of that particular level



Class; year long, weekly. 

Meetings/rehearsals: through annual show and/or fleadh. 



These students will work one-on-one with Shannon on a sean-nos solo for the Annual Show.  



  • Demonstrating what Shannon directs to the rest of the class

  • Modeling good behavior

  • Taking students aside who need special attention to break down steps

  • Practicing/running the steps with the group if Shannon is dealing with a student one-on-one

  • Prompt arrival & Good attendance (does not miss more than 2 classes in the fall, 3 in the winter/spring)


Outside class responsibilities:

  • Attend monthly apprentice meeting to check in with group and perform solos in progress.  (schedule TBD based on availability, doodle poll)

  • Check in with Shannon on personal goals for solo bi-weekly via video, or scheduling one-on-one time



This is a work/study reward program. There is no tuition.